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03 Aug 2022


Tee’s For Days.

The First Reunion Clothing Sale, unbelievable Jeff 🙂 A time period of a lot of firsts for Reunion and felt like it was time to strike with the first sale, make hay and all that and who doesnt love a sale. The deal is not a bad deal for a clothing company in its early days. The tricky part of this is commiting to 3 of our t-shirt items when still maybe unsure of the brand I imagine as not much reference but I can assure you our tee’s are top quality fair trade organic cotton 180 – 210 gsm blend with all prints being chemical free and crack free. Everything in the Reunion catalogue is made using the full cut and sew method so again biased but are all great fitting and small details are looked at in great detail to make sure they are at a high standard e.g the longsleeve t-shirt cuffs, the trauma, lets say took a while to get them right, lord help me. How long will this run for? Who knows, so much power, mwahaha Last thing is that the more detailed design tee’s most likely will not be re-made in the near future or probably ever so imagine Reunion becomes a big big deal then you will have an original, could be worth at least 70 – 80 euros, no brainer really. Always happy to answer questions on anything really. if any queries on our manufacturer, sizing, materials, the weather, anything. Thank you for reading this, still dunno if anyone actually does. Sam



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