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Blog Reunion 5

18 Feb 2023


Pack Of 5 Weekly Tunes, That’s Right Weekly, Instant Regret :/

  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Reunion Blog is weak, weekly is a bold statement and might delete later 🙂 but will make me accountable. This will be simple, gonna put up 5 tunes a week that have resonated nicely through my ears, mind and body. Oldies, newbies, all sorts in the mix. Hopefully you get one or two new gems to listen to. So the starter 5 pack: Earl can do no wrong in my eyes, he’s out there at times, says some wild sh*t but I just like it. Frank on the other hand I will be honest, I like Frank but his tunes don’t get hit me the way they should. I feel I really should like his stuff but I’d say there’s about 5 tunes of his that I can get into, just misses something for me, dunno what it is. Does a fiiine job on this though 🙂 This is just a nice tune eh, smooth I would call it. Good tune if you can start a day nice and easy or wanna do some daydreaming, if like maybe everybody you dont plan to daydream this tune may send you there unknowingly. Lyrics I realised after a while are kinda dark but in a beautiful way. This is a light bopper, good driving tune, easy sing along too. I’m gonna say they’re Aussie but I’m guessing. I should probably research but I’m going with Aussies. A bit of a crafty tune, feels mischievous if that makes sense. Another kinda dark beauty, generally tunes with Rivers in them are good tunes, here’s where I should reference another but obviously mind gone blank. Another lad who can do no wrong in, plays in Dublin tonight too, dose, curse my inability to future plan. The sample in this tune is a dayscent gospel tune by T.L Barrett, it’s a banger too, extra freebiee there 😉 So there ya have it, the first lot of ’em, hope you enjoy, happy listening and maybe even get a new fave artist in your life 🙂 Thank You Sam



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