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15 Apr 2022


If You Build It They Will Come

It worked for Costner so here’s hoping. To be honest I don’t really know what this section will become, I have some ideas but I suppose it doesnt actually have to be anything in particular. For this one I’ll explain how Reunion came about.

It all started many moons ago, I was obsessed with trainers and had a mental amount of ’em, mostly nikes and then a few randomn Adidas, Pumas, those Ice Cream yokes, remember them?? From there I got into buying and selling trainers on Ebay and other Nike gear like Windbreakers etc, not a thought at the time but a pretty sustainable way of shopping. From this gig I saved those pennies and got my one way ticket to Oz where I was full sure heading out there I would still be there to this day. It was here I had the idea of starting a Clothing gig, even had a name – Enway  (Earth’n’Water and You) pretty deep mannnnn. It stayed an idea until I was in NZ and that call of home got me.

I came home knowing it was now or never for the clothing gig. Name had already changed a million times over the years but Reunion was the one I hit and stayed with. Always been a word that caught me, its just a good word, good meaning, good symbolism and in a way sums up what Reunion Clothing is all about. It took 3 years and 2 months from when I first started sourcing manufacturers and doing up designs to get to where things are now. Far from a cake walk but all’s well that ends well as they say.

Now we are up and running at last, Day One and may it be the first of many.

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