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27 Feb 2023


2 Weeks In A Row, Wow!! 

  I’d say I’m nearly at the stage of being able to call myself a blogger? The discipline I’m showing is almost scaring me. This is good though, get on a roll, they say it takes 6 weeks of doing sonething for it to become a routine in your life. A better word for routine in my book is rhythm which is the perfect segway to the nitty gritty of this whole idea, the tuuuunes!! Hopefully you got one or two out of last weeks 5. The week two 5 pack: This lad had a whole album ready to go, pressed etc and then decided was not felling it as much as he should so scraped the thing, brave move. That’s his most recent album Trees, worth a listen. This tune is top drawer for me, jazzy hip hop, love it. Shocked to learn he was a kiwi though, for some reason had this notion he was a yank in the UK, I know fairly specific notion but just got that vibe. Bita culture here, bita Francais. Boppy tune with chilled intervals, a fine blend. If you love it I’ll be expecting a Merci. Maxed out my French already in that one line :/ just go listen 🙂 I think this fella is a breath of fresh air. So simple but so good. Talking about his everyday, alot that would translate to us here in Ireland. Just a guitar, good tunes and lyrics, hits the spot. The Daydream tune, gotta be one. 7 minutes long, good luck being able to still pay attention after a minute. If you can I am jealous of your focus. Smooth tune. A Sunday viber, easyyyyy listening at its finest. Thought this lot were an oul’ 70’s group maybe but was pleasantly surprised to find they are well modernnnnne 😉 listen and light up that soul in ya. There we go, we rollin’. Hope you enjoy the 2nd lot. I would absolutely love to hear thoughts on any of the tunes or anything in particular about Reunion, always happy to answer questons or queries. As always thank you 🙂 Sam



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