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17 May 2022


One Month In….

Firstly want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported Reunion in any way this first month. Whether its a simple like on social media or buying an item. Whatever you can do, it all helps and is all very much appreciated, so again thank you!! 🙂 The first month has been good learning to sum it up. Few things needed to operate different, needed to add some bows to the quiver in certain areas but all in all things are feeling good and we are sailing in the right direction. I had 2 ideas in my head on how it would go. One being how it is going, a steady flow and an educational month like I said. The other was well wishing a blow up from the start, sold out in a week, I’m on the news, I’m flyin’ to Milan, realistic kinda stuff. Slow burners are the ones though and did end up selling out one hoody, not bad going in the first month so thank you all again. 🙂 Also I watched that Abercrombie & Fitch show on Netflix, got too big too quick and went all the way into the swanny. Creepy enough operation in the first place, Reunion cancelled all the heads modelling topless after that, good dodge. A bit of my thinking out loud there. Gotta get a little jucier with these posts going foward as I imagine these are being read the world over and I must give the people what they want. 😉 Thank you all again for the support, because of you the good ship now is rollin’ so very grateful. 🙂 Sam



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