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Black Friday sale - Reunion - Sustainable Irish Clothing Brand

29 Nov 2023



I think every year poses a bit of a grey area for sustainable companies whether or not to get involved in Black Friday which is now nearly a whole month of sales, its hmmmaaad!! Last year we went for it as felt it’s a bit shit to cut our customers, our supporters out of deals, not really fair. If only items on sale for Black Friday are not sustaianble items then I mean it’s ony natural to be tempted to make a cheeky purchase if something catches the eye. This year around we ran it again but decided to give everything we made to The Palestine Children Reliefs Fund. Not just profits but every cent we made over he few days of the sale. The suport was amazing and want to take this opportunity again to thank evryone who supported, it was great to see and hear everyones supportiv comments and messages. At time of writing this it is coming to the end of the extra 2 day extension on the ceasefire. What happens next I dont know but thoughts and prayers are with all on the ground there and hope our donation, which may not be huge in the grand scheme of things, can provide some relief for families there. As always thank you for reading, peace Sam



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