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19 Jun 2022


“The Yard” Design.

Creating and playing around with designs is probably the most fun part of the whole process. Some designs are very simple and straight forward, others a bit more intricate deciding on script, designs and colourways. Ideas for these designs can come from anywhere really. I suppose we would all like to think what we do is somewhat original but I have no doubt the process has been influenced from things we encounter daily throughout our lives. “The Yard” design is true to this. It stems from younger days messin’ around the Uncles truck yard up in North Cork. This was a lot made up of clean vehicles and wrecks alike. Amongst these I always noticed the clean detail designs and decals that would be on the doors and trailers of these trucks and rusty wrecks. No matter how much of a bucket the vehicle was the design would always look fresh with clean lines, alot of times handpainted onto these vehicles. I remember at my Uncles funeral they had his own favourite truck, a vintage truck trailer with his own design on the door. I had “The Yard” design made up at this stage so all this solidified the choice of “The Yard” design for the first line of designs.  In a way an ode to the many good times I had on that yard made possible by my Uncle and Aunty. Thank you all again for the support 🙂 Sam



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