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LEAD1 nu wave blog

11 Jul 2023



That time again when I claim to get my act together and take this blogging lark seriously. I have the feeling now, the discipline I’m hoping is there might be in me 🙂 The last release was the Nu-Wave T-Shirt. This was a blend of some old school surf wear designs that to this day still have their spot it seems, bit of a nostalgia buzz or maybe for people that brings those mad colours and designs bring them that coastal feeling, the free surf lifestyle, relaxed days, well that’s the stereotype of it anyway. The 3 by 3 lined design after trying a few almosts designs  I got off a standard home welcome mat like below:

Went in to find the nearest thing I could write on which was this post it, got a good vibe off it so built on that.

Garretsown circa 1984, sh*t was lit:

Took these influences and ideas and mashed it altogether with the Reunion. logo and some tag script and then it was off to print as always using water based chemical free inks. Printed onto our 100% organic cotton and fair trade certified t-shirts in a summer blend of 190-210GSM. You sold these out in many sizes hella quick, for that I am super grateful. Thank You 🙂 Sam



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